Women Writers Throughout The Centuries - By Jay Ramella

janet street-porter women writersBook reviews come in thick and fast about women throughout the centuries, so you cannot imagine how refreshing it was to read today's article by Jay Ramella, she really manages to capture the essence of the best female authors and where they are coming from in their published texts.

It is a really entertaining and funny post I enjoyed reading it. I noticed an interesting citation from Emmeline Pankhurst, and a relatively shocking point made in Katharine Whitehorn books, at the time in the 1960's this would have really rocked a few peoples boat.

Fans of the Notting Hill Carnival will enjoy rummaging around the website and this engaging article from the UK is no different, in actual fact it really made me smile, it is difficult to find interesting articles these days about women through the centuries and how they have shaped the reality we experience today.

This is the stuff you would normally only read in books. Read if you have not already about authors like Veronica Papworth, Rachel Johnson and Amanda Platell. You will also find out more about Jan Moir, Janet Street Porter and Melanie Philips over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

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