The Fate Of The Two Drug Mules In Pery

peru drug girls prisonTed Obvious reports from Lima: Have you been worried sick, following the adventures of the two drug mules from Britain, Mellissa Reid and Michaella McCollum, who’ve been busted in Peru carrying £1.5 million worth of cocaine on the way to Spain last August?

The two young women obviously suffered a lot, having been threatened by drug dealers in Ibiza, where they were working, and ordered to fly to Peru to pick up some ‘stuff’ and bring it back. They were just two happy young women, looking for some good time, and they never imagined that they would end up under arrest, facing a long prison sentence.

So by next week the two drug mules will receive a short sentence and with luck they might be out in 3 years. And then a book deal is assured and maybe, just maybe, a film will be made about their experience and the girls will take part in Big Brother or even enter the X Factor as a singing duo, or Strictly Come Dancing. If you have no money and want to have a bit of fun and travel the world with Drug Mules who eventually get Busted.

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