Underwear Worn Under

Underwear is what you need on a chilly Autumn wearing it over or having it all out is wrong but not worth pointing fingers at people about what they do when out on an night out.

underwearBen Delicious is in Milan talking about underpants, bikini, brief, lingerie, underclothes, undergarment, underpants, undies and intimate things.

The London Fashion designers came out with some interesting garments worn in a certain way. Ben has examined the clothes and reacts to the recent things he has been seeing out and about in London. Is it a new fad to form a new look. Using a new mode to model. At the show there are many  patterns emerging to shape the fashion industry.

The thing is this news could change the tone of traditional night dress. The trend has been changing and the appearance is creating all kinds of problems. It is the kind out thing where everyone consciously or unconsciously are getting on the bandwagon calling it chic, creating an unusual configuration and the convention is changing. The craze now is making people cry. Its close to cultism, the cultus  or custom gothic dress of girls with a  cut figure and a certain furor covered in the latest line  of make up.

The newest mold is all the rage and the usage is taking vogue to a new level. People wearing underwear on top of garments, thinking they are dernier stretching on the new faddism , the newest wrinkle and they call these fashion trends?

Read all about new footwear in the city, going out clubbing in flip flops, going out to the street carnival with unusual underwear showing in the hope that someone will notice and have a normal conversation with you.
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