Who Supports Labour?

Labour is dangerous for the economy

Labour supporters are hard to figure about, especially at a Lib Dem conference. Ben Delicious reports from Brighton
Con dems and city tax news on the BBC about bedroom tax and British propaganda is seeping back into the British bed. 

People are asking questions about the symbolism of what is happening with David Cameron and George Osborne unity.

The socialist party had people innit trying to make life easier for people, what has happened is the representatives have taken over the nest.

They have moved so far left it is difficult to distinguish who they originally wanted to be. The identity of the country has changed and the House of Lords original manifesto's have crossed so far across the line it is totally unacceptable.

How can you be a Liberal Democrats the title itself is ridiculous. The Gladstone values have been destroyed by the unity together. 

Many of these politicians signed up have experienced bad things that they think you should know about so the war in Iraq was like a breath of fresh air.

Parents experienced hardship in camps during the war. Its the silk purse and cows ear principle. The national progression of socialism came from the German Nazis believing they are god rather than believing in god.

How the French communists did things was very harsh. If you did not like what they were saying they would simply kill you.

Granted it is very difficult during hard times and people snuggle together as we see with Ed Miliband and Ed Balls. the Shadow Chancellor and the home of Jack Straw a man of Straw and before that the one eyed monster Gordon Brown who could not see the whole of the ballot sheet, blind in one eye.

The party has considered extenuating circumstances and perhaps because of this we now all live in extenuating circumstances ourselves.
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