Illegal Not To Flush In Public Toilets And Paper Shortage In Venezuela

public toilets demonstrationPublic toilets, one place you do not want an upset stomach is in Venezeula because there is currently an acute shortage of toilet paper.

Adam Lovejoy is in London comparing the two contrasting problems. For example here in the UK we have different problems, ones worth debating about are mentioned in todays post about having a human right to use as much water as you need in the bathroom.

This is a popular discussion on television from the left, who have moved from toilet jokes to highlighting other things rather than talk about important issues. The flushing the chain debate is becoming an entertaining debate on TV for supporters of the left.

The question asked to Muslim women was about waste water. The left were just interfering with the debate about wearing a veil. You can see the French influence in all these debates.

50 years ago the problem was much lower in Britain, the statistics republished this week have been the start of the debate. However the trouble in Venezeula is a far more interesting angle to address real global issues. Although looking away from home it gives people a better understanding of the real problems ahead, rather than speculate and sell out everything that makes Britain proud of what it has achieved, can you see the message? What do you think? Leave your own comments below.

In summary things have changed to the stats of 50 years ago gathered in North England  and whilst Britain suffered from blocked basins and chemical toilets, the paper problem in Venezuela is far more serious. Whilst we here in Britain debate about flushing have a comedy store tone the reality is in Venezuela the law making is not just a flush in public toilets joke but one of the most importance and that is a lack of paper and a real universal problem with drains.