The Grieving Brigade In Recession-Hit Britain

Here we have a post about the grieving brigade on social media, at satirical entry about how everyone come to social media for something. Ben Delicious talks the latest London social media buzz because if it works in the UK it will more than likely work everywhere else. The SNP leader, Alex Salmond is in a Glasgow Scotland pub looking at the damage done by a helicopter this weekend. The deaths and damage done to the pub has shocked us all, including the British PM David Cameron, and the Queen. Meanwhile in the USA another actor has lost his life on the road in a sports car. The accident happened near Santa Clarita, California. Walker was the passenger in a Porsche GT at a charity car show representing Reach Out Worldwide. 40 years of life Paul Walker an actor from the popular movie series the Fast & Furious died at the side of a driver who were both representing the charity.  Mr Mandela, Reasons To Be Cheerful For The Grieving Winnie Madikizela-Mandel joined Twitter and made a statement that was published on a blog somewhere then shared on Social Media and the hospital confirmed that as well as being 95 he was not in all that good shape. The Nelson Mandela 2 1/2hr epic Long Walk To Freedom launched this week a film about Mandela's life. Also one of his sons got in a bit of bother too. here is a trailer of Long Walk To Freedom. 

luxury toilet
Adam Lovejoy is in Central London taking a look at toilet luxury in recession-hit Britain. Mixing company designs that venture on bringing a new oomph to the bathroom. The first place to go before the store or the e-commerce route is check out your local hotels toilets. Here is a tip taken from todays post if you cannot find a sign saying toilet in the hotel look for the cloakroom sign. Here is where you will find liquid soap dispensers, various brands of paper towels for which you can test the texture. In today's post you can find out the best ways of getting ideas from visiting the lavatory in other locations to brighten up your own. By visiting the Gents or Ladies you can also get a glass of free tap water. Get a feel for the high life as well, mixing with chicks in Chanel or Prada and wearing some serious bling. There are sadly public imitations in McDonald’s though it is still classed as affordable entertainment. 

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