50 Quid On Heating Saving Bills

ed davey
Someone is going to be saving 50 Quid on heating bills next year in Britain, life in the UK continues to look on the up and up. R.F. Wilson is in London writing a journal entry about the saving of up to 50 quid on heating bills next year. Britain is on the mend and the coalition government is showing how it listens to the people of the UK, well sort of listening. Prime Minister David Cameron noticed the price changes a few months ago and now the savings speech has been officially announced as beginning next January when the temperature should be a bit warmer. Lots of warm words were said about Energy Secretary Ed Davey who before the announced the reduction of next years heating bills. In some parts of Britain pensioners and single mothers celebrated the news about the cuts in heating bills by switching on the heating at their homes. One pensioner in Sheffield kept hot water running for over a minute. In todays entry read all about the payday lenders who also agree saving 50 quid on heating bills will really help people in Britain and how next year just like last year is a great year of oppurtunity for people to reshuffle their finances. What is there not to like in a liberal democracy especially since now were all here in Britain saving 50 quid on heating bills, life in the UK is the best.

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