Athletes Going To Winter Olympics In Sochi To Win Medals

The Soviet Union prides itself in its competitiveness. Russia is seen around the world especially in games like gymnastics and weight lifting as really good at producing great competitor’s who often win year after year. The Sport event in Sochi has reached the news this week, controversial news is better than no news at all. The angle seems to be promoting the Winter Olympic Games where it will be next year in the Eastern block. The International Olympic Committee are supportive of all the countries getting ready to go, the Olympic Games last year here in the UK showed UK, United States and China to be the biggest medal winners. David Beckham is very supportive of the Olympic event happening where it has and financial reasons have meant the event will continue and that everything is OK for supporters to visit there too. As long as people behave themselves they have nothing to worry about. The competitors all want to win, its a known fact that athletes and competitors on home snow tend to do better. Free publicity for the Winter Olympics in Sochi this week by Olympic supporter Stephen Fry he has come out that he loves the Olympic Games, regularly attends sporting events as is currently campaigning about human rights his goal is to raise as much awareness to his hand picked campaigns as he can. Meanwhile in the sports world David Beckham and the International Olympic Committee for the World Cup are in early talks about selling out tickets for the 2022 World Cup.
Outrage As Athletes Hint They’re Going To Winter Olympics In Sochi To Solely Compete For Medals(stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
Russia Cracks Down On Journalists, Activists Exposing Corruption Ahead Of Sochi Olympics(thinkprogress.org)
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