Spooks Fail To Predict, Left Love The McCanns To Bits And Somali Pirates Protect Shipping Routes

Spooks Fail To Predict 

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syria chemical weapons  Ted Obvious is in Cairo asking questions about the Arab Spring and explores the methods used by intelligence services around the world particularly in the United States. In this post you can read historical references that use satire in the case of the attack Pearl Harbour in the early first half of the twentieth century. The USSR is also used in reference to make this point that often spooks fail to predict what can happen even when they have the very information in front of them they need to solve puzzling scenario's we have since seen in the past. Read all about Saddam Hussein academic history and the embarrassment he brought by his actions in the Middle East to the academic world. This post is about what happened in Syria with those chemical weapons and find out who is responsible. In doing so you can get a better perspective of how Spooks can improve the way they go about trying to predict the future so they can deal with the current situation in an appropriate way without making any mistakes.

Left Love The McCanns To Bits 

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Madeleine McCannAdam Lovejoy in London is talking about the left love in Praia da Luz , Algarve. Adam talks about Scotland Yard the British public, Prime Minister David Cameron, the News of the World  being a married couple, the left-wing PC readers and the Kate McCann book about their daughters disappearance.

Somali Pirates Protect Shipping Routes 

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somali piratesR.F.Wilson is in Mogadishu taking a cynical look at the Somali pirates imagining that instead of hijackings cargo ships they go into something more helpful to society. This post includes notes about Paul and Rachel Chandler who served on a ship for the British Royal Navy and takes an informative look at the Persian Gulf from the point of view of the US and suggests some interesting tips for the Afghanistan catchment area and how the United Nations could get leverage from this too.