Hacks and Politicians Together

News from London about the White House Politician leaders and different sides of the coin in Fleet Street, how they write about 10 Downing Street, news from Élysée Palace and how MSNBC do a similar thing.

In todays post we look at the lawmaker, the senator, the boss, the chieftain, the democrat, the grandstander, the orator, the partisan , the congressperson, the handshaker, the servant, the states-person and the whistle-stopper. Fleet Street, in London: Now that politicians.

Fifi Kwetey has explained that politicians are not responsible for the increase in the wage bill. (ModernGhana.com)

The hacks that challenge are defined as a demagogue they include being the agitator, or a fanatic, the firebrand that contradicts all brands, they act as a fomenter and get called a haranger, come across as a hothead. The incendiary the inciter, a good inflamer of topics, the wicked instigator, the politician and demagogue have similar interests. They are the rabble-rouser, the radical or rebel in a sense they are revolutionary and a bit of a troublemaker.

The senior UKIP politician who was caught on camera saying Britain should not send aid to "Umbongo land" has walked out of a Channel 4 interview. (ITV.com)

The sycophant person who caters to another adulator and backscratcher, the backslapper, a bit of a brownnoser, someone who decides not to be a doormat, a raving fan the flatterer, a flunky, considered a groupie, the hanger-on, a lackey, the minion, come across as a parasite, a politician puppet or slave.

The executive at the executive mansion at the residence of the White House, 10 Downing Street or the Elysée Palace delivering breaking news annul clamp down crack down and question they invalidate and overrule repeal rescind reverse revoke aside squelch undo vacate veto void abrogate discharge dissolve kill negate overthrow vitiate black out bottle up cork up declare null and void hush up put damper on put the lid on, shut down, about things like Watergate advertise.

The Syrian Electronic Army has breached the official blog of Channel 4, the popular British public-service television broadcaster. The hackers have published a screenshot to demonstrate that they've gained administrator access to Channel 4's WordPress blog dashboard. (Softpedia.com)

So now you know more about hacks on the world wide web in London, the White House who talk about the Politician, you will find them in Fleet Street or waiting outside 10 Downing Street, in France its the Élysée Palace people living in America get it from MSNBC All In It Together.
Politicians are not responsible for huge wage bill (modernghana.com)
Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Blog of British TV Broadcaster Channel 4 (news.softpedia.com)
Hacks and Politicians Need Each Other. They're All In It Together (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)