Ugly People Become Filthy Rich

We have all seen women flock together like ducks in the pond, and for years women have sort out the perfect vanishing creme to look younger. The art of beauty is gauged by factors previously beyond face value.

We live in a day and age where money can buy you anything, whether you take that to people on the street parading around in the hope of getting noticed or that wise old duck walking up to the young bomb shelter if you think the filthy rich can really buy away feeling ugly in your pursuit of beauty your going to have to understand some simple things.

At one time Greek goddesses were seen as the oracles of society and if they were working to hard to make a point they would be crossing over public opinion and lose face with society.

They could drum up all sorts of beliefs but the fact is old hanging out with new would appear not very beautiful.

Hags poking their nose in the cauldron of the youth have been identified in famous plays like Shakespeare's Macbeth that made a point of educating people in theatre about the art of taking a story to the stage, a stage taken by men playing roles of how men would like to see women based on the narratives of the past.

Women have turned a few times on the table, earning enough money to get over those feelings of not being worth it.

We live in a day an age when where more and more people are persuaded to change through modification, this artificial transformation often exclusive to those who can afford, works for a time but its not long before another session will have to be booked.

The beauty inside is untouchable to people take to their favourite texts to understand the fastest path to mortality and moralisation.

Covering the face in all kinds of vegetables to make the skin seem better.

Materials give comfort and warm peoples cockles, this is why clothes made of silk and cotton for centuries have been a cloth closely worn to comfort and persuade.

Often all anyone needs is a new scarf to cover up that chunky chin, or where the right length dress to emphasis the legs rather than draw attention to the face The wardrobe gives a lot away.

So when the elder women walks up to the youthful group who are having fun will spot age a mile away and from the outside this looks desperate and false, the young beauty feels zapped not knowing anything about the rules of the rich women's ideology.

The Desperate Housewives television shows and Nashville address these topics. They take elder women and dress them up and apply narratives to their character that makes the dream of this unreality being popular.

The main charge seems to be again art, musical skills and cheap tricks people play to release them from any displeasing views from the targeted audience. The young seem to try hard dressing up in leopard print fabrics, driving posh sports cars and texting and phoning the husbands of Texas and California.

These are people who you would imagine are free from traditional body modification. Their saving grace is the voice, the lyrics they learn but when they take to X Factor it could seem like the Greeks thought of trying to hard a spoiling that inside innate attraction factor.

They can hide it in the moves that people follow, dancing and singing goes hand in hand. The harmony seems to be in the profile, you know about the profile yet you do not care about the stature of the person.

One day someone will carry to bags of each other.

Its quite simple, looking around London its easy to see how Blair tried to fit in, and like a Michael Jackson's Thriller dance, Michael Jackson Billy Jean rhythms take away any thought or care of what people look like.

The dance floor is where ugly people look and feel good looking, add some alcohol and anything is possible.

They make an exhibition of themselves but the bar tender quite likes it because those who do not know the moves, gravitate towards the bar to buy more alcohol.

They spend more and gravitate to Lara Croft time uniforms armed with secret vials and potions to burn wholes in the pockets of the filthy rich.

The club is a hive of things, they even now provide nail painting and massages to prime people, make them comfortable and feel pampered. The nightclub politics are becoming more and more holistic and the dance is something often overlooked.

The dark rooms and bright lights create the distraction everyone need to find a place to boogie.

The relationships made on the dangerous dance floor is something people hope and believe in, over a weekend the idea therefore is that moves away from films like Persona or seeming sad, at home lonely.

Looking in the mirror, asking the mirror for an answer ignoring the fundamental questions women want to ask, ignoring the simple desires that everyone need and that is just being told by one person that you are beautiful rather than trying to be one fits all.

This is creating a lot of loneliness, thoughts and feelings of madness that end up in a turntable of bumps and crackles.

Its a known fact that not everyone everyday wake up feeling beautiful, the hearts and minds and dreams are personal processes that folks go through.

So then can we determine beauty by the breakfast people choose, can we say then that anyone looking to survive rather than slave to the absolution's of life, washing in the bowl of forgiveness have it any easier?

London bankers and big businessmen are having it with all kinds of people, they use the same tactics to provide an arena of pleasure.

The synergy between relationships of politicians and bankers is lightened by focusing of popular memes like Michael Jackson Thriller video Gangham style moves, meringue and salsa, this leads to poetry and the exchange of words.

The energises change with the colours people choose, in this case red is an energy colour overpowering to some. So then is red an alert, a cry out for help or an overpowering distraction?

Would then a more bland colour be a more attractive approach. "Fair is foul, foul is fair" Macbeth, Shakespeare.

People Become Filthy Rich Or Rise To The Top In Politics To Take Revenge On The Good Looking Ones.

You can spend your whole life studying what makes ugly people so popular and why the filthy rich will do anything not to fall into this bracket.

You can sit around passively watching whilst an unreal drama unfolds or you can go out and get involved. Or you can love the ones you love by Stephen Stills see video below.

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