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A Pile of The Real McCoy's Potato ChipsDisposable plastic bottle, Corning How was your meal today? Did you eat with friends, perhaps you just ate at home with your family or maybe to sat in recess all alone munching on your chosen meal. People do this stuff everyday though some are more picky than others, spotting picky eaters is becoming more and more difficult because concealing a diet has never been easier, we live in a day and age where prepackaged food has never before came in so many ways. You can buy sandwiches and get game chips to feed the digital cravings. Publicly this seems to be fine though eaters behind closed doors can find this to be a problem, spending more than they bargained for. Picky eaters often do not have any other choice other than eat what is given to them. Soups are good alternatives, you can buy slimming soups with special ingredients to fill you up and give you the nutrients needed. There has been reports from London and Spain this week that more and more people eat on public transport. They eat greasy crisps, chocolate bars and fizzy drinks at the same time and often spill the food all over the place. I find at home the foodstuffs thrown down the waste disposal five times out of ten are the bits that stick to the pan, the grease and residue from the pan, the bits left over from picky eating, it seems the more I eat the pickier I feel. And when it comes to doing the dishes its best to take turns. Once the dishwasher is full of all the rinsed dishes and pans, the kitchen is ready for the next days affairs. I often remove the labels from mineral water plastic bottles and metal cans before I throw them away it makes me more responsible and less of a picky eater. I find it difficult leaving anything other than an empty plate. If you can relate you may also be a picky eater. I think it is personal preference and there is no one size fits all. And if sandwiches are you thing and you must 'Eat On The Go' here is a great tip, be sure to have your favorite spreads in your bag, those plastic cheese slices are great too. from peanut butter to small jam jars. Peanut butter is much less messy than carrying a tub of margarine. If you carry a full loaf you will need a larger bag so I buy the smaller one, I can share with my friends and at the end of the day if any crusts or slices are leftover I can take to the lake and feed to the fish, birds and squirrels. These are great ways to suppress the picky eating in public urges. The smell of cooked food on public transport can really upset people even in the car it can make a bad smell, picky eaters often have their cars valeted regularly to get rid of the crumbs and cover up the smell. Eating whilst traveling like mobile phone texting should be put into the room 101. Eating Are you, your children, staff or neighbors picky eaters? Here are three things to make you think next time the topic of picky eaters comes up. Here in London the first thing to look out for in your area is the available restaurants. Have a look on the shelves what do you see? More importantly what do you not see? The things that are sold out are generally the same things that people in your area like. The chances are at some point in public you will see people eating, you can tell they are picky by the way move the food around. Picky eaters often have trouble masticating food and blame toothache and sore gums for the way they approach grub. At meal times peas get put to oneside, beans end up on the collar some people need bibs.
Live rich, die beautiful
Live rich, die beautiful (Photo credit: gwen)

A great option is a napkin. By putting the napkin on the lapel or lap depending on your seated position when eating you can protect clothes from stains. In Spain people eat publicly on the beach, fish is very popular and sardines on sticks. These outside restaurants cook the food in front of you and have special ways of keeping the flies away from the food. If you are a picky eater you may struggle whilst abroad. A good tip there is has two plates. One for all the bits you do not like and the other for the enjoyable stuff. Plastic bottle on public often gets left and as the bus moves the bottle rolls about the place, glass bottles are even worse they make a loud clunking noise when the bus turns corners traveling from passenger to passenger. More people should take responsibility for their own rubbish and put in the correct recycling bin. Mineral water is great for a one off, if you like the shape then its a keeper. Filling it up regularly at the water dispenser at work or the small water fountains in the park is another option. If you are worried about which mineral water to drink then why not make your own, pour from the tap into a filter jug then pour into your mineral bottle, chill in the fridge. To make it nicer at a bit of lemon juice or lime juice, you can squeeze yourself or get in most supermarkets squeezed and preserved. If you have to drink every five minutes on the fly then you will want to read the post today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. If you like your water you might as well create your own brand sticker and stick it on the front, peel away the old and replace with the new. You can make stickies with your face in a bubble then find some adhesive and stick on the front cover. Be sure everyone see's your smiling face when sucking on the bottle. Make your water last longer by bringing a straw, there are straws out there which can help when your on the fly traveling in sunny places where streams and lakes may be your only source of fluids.R.F.Wilson reports from London Spain eat on public transport, crisps, foodstuffs, mineral water and plastic bottles.

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