" #Language " Is The F-Word Sparkle Intact?

Dan Majestic reports from New York, Hollywood and television for young people. He has watched the TV show The F-word and explains the art of cursing with swear words on the show. He has taken a big look at the C-word and all the debates around the use of the word. He uses cynical and political correctness in his objective article to highlight verbal abuse these days. This is a blunt article about verbal abuse in entertainment and how it is creating a newly accepted objective terminology in the workplace. He examines a piece of shit and what is looks like to him when watching people say these sorts of things on television. You can also read about the recent interview on television with David Attenborough.

So is The F-Word Sparkle still intact? Find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

swearingPosted in the topic of lets be cynical Dan uses The f-word as an example of the new rules in language and has tested out the sparkle software in the image you see above. He takes swearing from under the carpet to what is going straight back in the bin to point out the abnormalities in things these days.  

He also gives a nudge to watch an Attenborough interview in the TV archives this week with Bjork to show how comedy and classical music are converging together. From this you will learn how to tell people to go away just like the celebs do on telly.

You will also get a basic incite into  being funny on stage. More importantly you will be able to navigate around the English vernacular more when using swear words to make a point. You can also read the usual tips that are out there from New York west end comedy scene and a nostalgic reflection of George Carlin famous quotes to wet your appetite for good examples of using the "F-word".

Stirring Trouble Internationally The F Word

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