Stirring Trouble Internationally August 30th 2013

Brothers ‘Continued Struggle’ In The White House 

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Ben Delicious reports from London in parliament talking about the proposed military strike that did not win the vote, find out more about Bashar al Assad, PM Cameron and the measures in place to help Syria. Find out more about Tony Blair, President Barack Obama and the war in Iraq as reported in the US, all this and more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.
A Yard In Scotland Pretend To Be Cops
rolf harris scotland yard R.F. Wilson reports from London near Scotland Yard in Scotland  investigating TV presenter Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal, the BBC, paedophiles in the UK Mark Thompson and the Director General.

Dave Calm Down On Syria Wars 

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obama lincoln memorialDan Majestic is in Washington about ‘MarchDan Majestic is in Washington about ‘March for jobs and freedom’ the civil rights activist Martin Luther King the Lincoln Memorial, Bill Clinton  the White House, Barack Obama, President Jimmy Carter, the US and presidencies.