Loud Laughter Sucks

Lets face it folks laughter is hard to come by especially in text, even video humour now seems to just simply wash over us. www.hypersmash.com Here in West End London, we are bombarded by people handing out flashy leaflets advertising the night and at the top of every leaflet is a demographic profile of a comedian snuggled up to a mobile phone wearing a T shirt branded as humour saying, yes you guessed in "I came to ... and all I got was this lousy t-shirt". Can this sort of humour be good for your health still, well Stirring Trouble Internationally today try's to find out the reasons how and why people still laugh at the same gags that Independently worked in 1998 and why in 2013 this information maybe soon scrubbed from the web. The thing is the easiest way to be accepted in this game is use lots of swear words, quote and sing songs from the past and make fun of things that worked then, books that people wished they had finished instead of remaining on the book shelves sometime for five years or more, its quite interesting what is happening. In London you can meetup with friends and still enjoy laughter on any day without worrying what your neighbours might say. The age groups of people have gone up who like being entertained, a man lives till he is 123 and a a women is not far from this too. The Guinness book of Records show the people with mobile phones read with a a mobile application, often people make posts or share video's here on @wordpressdotcom . If you are interested in humour arts & entertainment live comedy, spoofs & satire, movies, films, political humour, political junkies, comedy movie fans and lovers Then this post is something you do not want to miss out on. laughter is the best medicine according to the leaflets and on the map you have the directions with a big bright red arrow pointing you towards the humorous attractions, they often start of lite. The reviews are made to promote the comedians and  promoters jobs are based on commission so be sure to tell the guy on the door where you got your leaflet from. Some of the clubs reach out as far as the london eye can see. And you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to get there and what time to leave home so you can travel home on the Tube. The reason why they get you when you are shopping is because the tickets insurance is in the bag If you are just visiting London you might want to book a bed and breakfast  before you go sightseeing. The attractions you see in london will be less stressful, its great booking online there are some really cool websites to ensure you get the best deal i've seen if it is last minute dot com just like you can get roped into cheap tickets last minute in the store when all the seats are struggling to be sold. Expect to be amazed as far as amazement goes, be sure to not get tied into the thing about laughing loudly this is just a pun to get more punters in from outside who can hear you laughing. Some think this is purely about comical unqualified humour although the fact is this is just on talent in this day and age you need to be as flexible as possible.laughter club people is the thing that the population grow fond of and it shows in the medical records with statistics, sats show that women health care humour can really help because yes you guessed it laughter the best medicine a lot of ladies do not lot all the swearing though so stop that please if you can, the search engines seem to love this stuff to but for how long? Loud Unprovoked Laughter Sucks. And It's Gonna Get Worse (stirringtroubleinternationally.com) The sound of my laughter (mirrorgirlblog.com) "Heat" Will Make You Roar with Laughter......Give it a Try (vintagemouse.com) Here are some Youtube channels that I recommend. prankvsprank, federicopistono1, thelonelyisland, failarmy, yomama, justforlaughscomedy, vitalyzdtv, supershortcomedy, dontbethatguyfilms, justforlaughstv, boburnham (YouTube Channel) 

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