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JK Rowling has a new book which is doing surprisingly well in book shops. Adam writes from London  and legal firm more pain and suffering about Harry Potter books compared to the new themed books.

Home to the initial writing of Harry Potter
Home to the initial writing of Harry Potter (Photo credit: Wikipedia) [Author]
The online fantasy books page "Author" who writes a novel the rights and further the interests of authors who' books read like the A-Z list of the society of authors and their works and biographies study guides, fan pages, news and guides. So for an author as famous as this it is unusual yet nice that charity donations are made in this way.

All seven books in the Harry Potter series in ...
[J K Rowling]JK Rowling new crime book and JK Rowling net worth here are some JK Rowling quotes.
   "JK Rowling thoughts" are very interesting and the motives behind the about the Cookoo Calling signatures by pen name Robert Galbraith are logical when you see how the book has sold for more money that actually worth a because it is a first edition and b because it is signed by the author. The prices of purchase are available on Abe Books.

 [Casual Vacancy] The thing about the casual vacancy is that it is adult fiction unlike the Potter books about a town and all the dark things that go on in the village. "The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling" is available online to buy in all formats. This is another recent book with nothing to do with Harry Potters fans. Adult writing for adults rather than children s books for kids and adults alike.

Pen Pen TriIcelon case sleeve
Pen Pen TriIcelon case sleeve (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 Using a pen name is becoming more and more popular online for authors because they get to find a new voice in a new persona often in an opposite sex and engage with these audiences. If you think this book was wrote by a man you must be living in "cloud cookoo land" a festival in Somerset only 1,000 tickets were available on Event Bright, if you were lucky enough to get a ticket its on 2 - 4 th August a musical festival. An exciting read about JK Rowling from London the success of Harry Potter and now Casual Vacancy the Author Rowling continues to do really well. Find out about Robert Galbraith and the Cuckoo.

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