The Arab Spring Has Sure Turned Out To Be A Winter

Ben Delicious reports from Cairo about the Muslim Brotherhood the Arab Spring and the cultural and governmental structure in the Middle East and North Africa. The recent changes have causes a bit of a stir with other Western governments as the real thought of Sharia Law looms over other minority interfaith practices in the area. Libya financially is under a lot of pressure as the money moves in new directions, the United Nations are trying to keep up and should by all degrees be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for all the house keeping they are doing in their area. You can learn a lot from neighbours, the silence on Sunday in the area brought thoughts of transnational seasonal changes. Read all about Ben as he projects into next seasons future. Morsi has been ejected and now the civil war in Syria is starting up again the oversight seems to be about who now can take the reigns and provide for what everyone want and need, especially during those cold and difficult times ahead and there still seems to be a bit of confusion about whether Spring will continue as Winter seems further and further away.

The Arab Spring Has Sure Turned Out To Be A Winter (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
Yemeni Nobel winner Karman says Egypt coup means death for Arab Spring (worldbulletin.net)
Karman: Mohammed Morsi is the Arab world’s Nelson Mandela (newsday.com)

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