Yanks, Chemical Weapons And Vietnam, Celebs Act Fifth Column Propaganda Jamie Oliver Pop Poor For Eating Food

Celebs Act Fifth Column Propaganda 

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Cara DelevingneR.F.Wilson reviews John Lennon again and takes another look at the Vietnam War. Todays entry is about political correctness and living in the Western world its an angry rant about allsorts of things including how celebs play a role in the fifth column propaganda put into society. For example read all about the 2012 London Summer Olympics and the influx and movement of Londoners in and out the city during, after and before the Notting Hill Carnival. Find out more about Kate Moss and the popular British Twitter icon home page Stephen Fry and get the latest updates about the 2014 Winter Olympics over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.


Yanks, Chemical Weapons And Vietnam 

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vietnam agent orangeAnton Goryunov  writes about Bashar al Assad  and the US news from outside Syria. Read all about the Vietnam war, find out more about Agent Orange, Viet Cong, the chemical war, Captain Scarlett in the war in Iraq and why the enemy often looks like Saddam Hussein when Chemical Weapons are used.

Jamie Oliver Pop Poor For Eating Food 

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jamie oliverFiona Sweetheart is in London readingabout TV chef Jamie Oliver and Jason Bourne in Eastern Europe. Find out more about Tony Blair and the awards handed out in 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace where OBE's have been dished out too.