Terrorist Threat Play Down Spying Scandal

al qaeda

Dan Majestic reports from Washington about Western allies and the Middle East and North Africa in Yemen in the US and al-Qaeda. The Foreign Office is continuing to "strongly urge" Britons to leave Yemen as a two-day closure of its embassy begins amid a terrorism warning. It also advised against travel to Yemen due to "increased security concerns".  Muslim extremists in Sana’a the former ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh the Arab Spring.
"The interception of communications about a planned al-Qaeda attack heightened security concerns. Britain took action to protect its Yemen-based personnel, too, evacuating its embassy in the capital, Sana'a."
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Due to unspecified threats of a possible al Qaeda attack ahead of the upcoming Muslim holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan, U.S. and U.K. expatriates Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel is reported by CNN to be considering a special deployment of US forces in the Middle East ready for action if a terrorist attack makes it necessary. US warships have been ordered to sail into waters opposite Yemen, The Spying Scandal?

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