Best Stand-Up Routine Ever On Spying

Hilarious article about the National Security Agency in the United States including quotes from Senator Barack Obama and his recent speech to people living in America live from the White House. Here in London mi5 security security agencies in london and in Kenya, Africa state security service Nigeria will learn a lot from the open documents publicly announced over the next few weeks thanks to Ed Snowden national security has increased its public security though still manages to uphold the correct security clearance as recommended in places where it most applies like a new york state security license for example.

Had me in stitches anyone with half an iota about Espionage and how the Intelligence agency operates under the new Martha scheme. Targeted at the state of the union address with President Barak Obama. Meanwhile in Russia the top women to win the marthon in Moscow was also a young Kenyan.

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What religion is Barack Obama? In political conversations we generally do not talk about beliefs. The Intelligence & Counterterrorism will have you understand you can watch whatever Sports you want to watch as long as you watch the intervals with News about Politics and other agendas from Gossip & Tabloid News to dumb down the senses.

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