Aug 31st Stirring Trouble Internationally

Olympic Legacy £10 Billion Plus Well Spent 

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closed schoolR.F. Wilson writes from London How about that Olympic legacy and the aftershock of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games effected the economy. Read all about Dave and Boris down the East End , have a good Spice Girls curry with Russell Brand and how the Chinese-made restaurants are worth at least ten billion Eh? http://dld.bz/10BillionOlympic

Legacy Why Don’t We Punish Yanks If They Attack Syria 

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hollywood propaganda Anton Goryunov is looking at places like Afghanistan, Libya and Syria read all about President Barack Obama, McDonalds , iPhones and iPads. Read more about Hollywood films from the US of A and get the latest info about whats on on America TV Middle East and North Africa. Todays entry is about Barack Obama, Syria, the United States, Libya and McDonalds. Read all about the latest IPhone and the US government and what they learnt from Iraq. You will also find out more about Big Brother, an IPad and Afghanistan over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. http://dld.bz/PunishingYanksInSyria

Life Is A Constant Battle 

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hamlet Adam Lovejoy is in London talking about the constant battles in life. Today's article is about mobile phones and driving. Find out the solutions to those peoples screaming and swearing. Improve your knowledge of Communications in the real business world and find out the one thing that makes Consumer Electronics stand out in the Shopping arena. Its a Business and Economy world we live in and its a constant Battle. Find out three things that make London what it is today and get more info about the Mobile phone and ideas of God in the modern age, the language used, the choice of words and everything in-between. http://dld.bz/lifeIsAConstantBattle