Afghanistan Training Taliban

United States Capitol
United States Capitol (Photo credit: Jack's LOST FILM)
Country's special forces take lead in fighting Taliban as US and NATO forces begin to pull out by the end of 2014. The great thing about Afghanistan is there is no need for a navy. The expenditures there two years ago were over thirty billion spent on arms. The transference of weapons changed hands, and older weapons were resold to other areas. The leaders in Afghanistan have blood on their hands, the search for power is well beyond ego, without war their would be nothing. The reason why people fight is because they are not happy. Some people are never happy and they are stuck in a never ending loop. British troops secretly returned to the scene of some of the Afghan conflict's bloodiest fighting to help government forces battle insurgents. Afghanistan has a long history of fighting. Hundreds of years ago they went to India and celebrated victory over a fight with a relatively passive population. More recently the support to continue fighting since 1980's is from four areas. America more recently is one, up until 1992 Russia was a main contributor enabling fighting to continue. The United Kingdom bought and sold weapons there making sure the right people had the right weapons. After 1992 fall of of communism Afghanistan turned to the Arabs to continue getting the ammunition they needed to keep on doing what they have always done, which is fight, protest, challenge and cause trouble. Afghanistan are known all around the world for their already well trained troops known as elite forces so why they need more training from America, USA, Saudi Arabia or the United Kingdom is beyond me. The arena attracts a lot of interest and many people want to take part. Previously the Afghanistan warlords went further afield and challenged people outside of their own turf. Nowadays it seems the heat has been on itself. This dies down then someone from inside or some force from outside stirs up trouble. Its an ongoing fight, so its understandable why they would want coaching in this area and if they are willing to pay then the world is full of coaches, their is more training than what there is anyone actively doing anything. Perhaps this is what makes the world go round? You take on the Zoroastrians, have a scuffle with the Mongolians and completely trash the Persians its bound t have an effect. Motivated by silk and the transference of fabrics to oil or whatever is worth fighting for. The arguments between Rumi and Sufi two poets who are buried in different places depending on which book you read. When you are good at something then why not do what you want. Democracy in these States is complete waste of time when the law is based on I want more. Everyone wants to stroke the silk purse so when deaths happen is it little wonder when war is the main meal on the menu. The silk trade is something that has been the reason for a scuffle and argument it starts with an exchange of words or someone admiring and wanting what someone else has. The silken veils that women traditionally worn were abolished for a time. They became more popular when the Arab World became the replacement for Russia to help Afghanistan continue with its pursuits of happiness. Grenadine and brigadier, magic carpets and Sindbad the sailor, wait forget about Sindbad the sailor they have no need for Navy right? A couple of years after World War I there were many assassinations, the leaders and royal families killed, riches looted and ports taken over. The strategic plan was India, everyone had similar goals and the game was won as ever by over throwing the leaders or newly appointed dictators depending on which side of the country you wish to observe from. It was very popular in the 1920's to do this sort of thing. They would go in and storm the castle take men women and children and kill them, this is not brave nor should it be classed as war this is more a form of genocide. Three years ago Wiki leaks turned the table showing there was not only mud on Afghan boots during war but also in the way Medusa America was conducting its battles in the area. War is a messy thing and civilians get hurt. Over the past three years in the media reports we have seen thousands of case studies of women and children in hospital injured from bombs and explosions all around the world. These things need to stop in Kabul with the Taliban in Afghanistan and the new trained politicians, there it is only natural now to educate the police and medical staff so when everyone leaves they can continue on with what they have always done. The years of peace and rest will really help Afghanistan The war in Afghanistan al-Qaeda a training camp, the Afghan army and the positions of power from armed forces to police officers and other workers who represent the mechanisms to keep the peace in a world where ground in discontentment is high.

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