Funny War Over Gibraltar

william and daveMore fee's to pay when leaving the country for the Eurozone if you have friends and family in Gibraltar then you will love this. Adam Lovejoy takes a look at the news from Gibraltar in Spain and the European Union with the Spanish government, the Spanish police And Prime Minister David Cameron the European Central Bank. You can also read all about Fabian Picardo who is to Gibraltar what the British MPs are to Parliament. The Gibraltar people are reporting various things being thrown at them in Spain. Spanish MP Fabian Picardo is there with the European Union and would like to hear all about David Cameron and what is happening here in Britain. They are curious to know if we will be imposing a similar fifty dollar toll times that by 10,000 thats five million dollar. The European Central Bank has interesting things to say about the British government which will also make this an interesting debate could the Madrid Eurozone be on to something here?
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