Robert Mugabe Won Election Aged 90

robert mugabe
Five more years for Robert Mugabe as change is slow when you are elected at 90. The competition as you will find out was not very challenging. Ted Obvious reports from Harare about the 90 years of age Robert Mugabe with a little help from his friends at Zanu-PF party takes the leading polls at the elections in Zimbabwe, how true is all of this and when is it a good time for politicians to quit?

Politics in Zimbabwe is very popular a lot of people go to church to practice the political craft in a hope they will one day be as good as their elected leaders. These sort of practices can be long winded since there is a long waiting list to get into the loop. The spin doctors their have reinvented themselves namely the Movement for Democratic Change  in Zimbabwe and here in the UK we created a similar model which has failed to create any change to Liberal Democrats in Europe there are similar problems, the EU self appoint leaders to suit the needs of the hierarchy who are there simply to protect the structures in place rather than answer the needs of the peoples voice.

Mr Morgan Tsvangarai is the competitor and he has contested like many do his loss, perhaps if he had gained the attention more of outside representatives of global democracy then his campaigns may have developed more moss.

It is difficult to infiltrate a direct line between President Barack Obama and the current Zimbabwe leaders. Another post from Zimbabwe about Robert Mugabe at the age of 90 announcing preemptively about winning! Find out more about Morgan Tsvangirai and get the latest and greatest news about the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front. Find out all you need to know about Harare, the European Union, Zanu-PFX and Muga plus the reasons behind the political messages.

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