Designer Wear Mass Produced In China

designer shoppingChina is leading the way on Mass production and both Vietnam and India are taking over the factory industry. Read all about the decisions of Renault Clio, Ford Focus and the good things happening in London in Designer labels. R.F. Wilson is comparing online shopping carts and places like Ebay and finding it quite difficult to figure out what to buy and what not to buy. London is being infiltrated by mass-produced goods. Many of these items you add to cart are made in China, some of them are made in India and now we see Vietnam emerging as the leaders of copying good online. Mr Wilson takes a look in the sweat shops and its not a pretty site. The obvious first assumption is to assume a designer label is what it says it is, as you will reveal most of these motifs are just stuck on, and the goods are made of fake silk trade material. Now the success of garments is trying to into the motor industry. And as the sales are cars seems to slump the guys in Essex are thinking about getting people in Vietnam, China, Renault Clio and Ford Focus outsourced to be sold to these areas too. It won't be long before manufacturing begins there too.

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