Deep Big Cycling Scheme

The Mixtures - Push Bike Song
The power of London cycling tested by popular trends like the Tour de France, sponsored by Barclays bank and now approved and practiced by a number of people visiting 10 Downing Street, the new Scheme has finally hit the Road. Read all about David Cameron and a nation in deep overcoming stormy waters fueled by the knees of people on the brand new big bicycle scheme. Adam Lovejoy reports from London about the new cyclists scheme sponsored by Barclays Bank to promote more usage of the rent-a-bike projects in and around the city. It will help with parking and commuting in city central and get people cycling further afield and of the busy roads onto the canals, freeing up the road and making life easier for buses and taxi drivers. 10 Downing Street is taking a leaf out of Manchester City's book, by redesigning the roads again for cyclists to have more freedom to pedal around. This is a good thing because there will be less carbon omissions and less bad drivers on the road. More people will wear safety helmets and even if you do not have a bike you and your family can have access to a cycle and if you are quick getting from a-b this will not cost a dime.
These are the hooks that draw in the PC brigade and also touches the hearts of people who are big fans of the Tour de France and local races around the country. Cycling is a big deal for British and when the nation is in as deep as it already is this great scheme of steam could be the meal ticket this country needs to get through it.

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