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The Office for National Statistics has been looking at and recording the patterns of people against the state of the economy of the United Kingdom since late 19th century thats over 100 years. The government budget balance makes its decisions on these figures. over the years leaders of the Conservative Party have taken government debt very seriously but still this has not managed to avoid to odd boom and bust that we have seen happening from time to time happening again and again.

With that said Adam Lovejoy is in London addressing the issues, he takes a look at budget deficit, national debt, the banks, real unemployment and possible songs that will take the edge of it that the Treasury must be experiencing.

This is a somewhat serious post about the announcements made yesterday by the Office of National Statistics, a fine collective of men and women who have stood firm during the recession. The real economy but doing exactly the opposite. 20 odd years  ‘economic booms’ driven by astronomical consumer debt and the vast majority living on credit.
Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne the perhaps next Tory leader that the economy is growing even though it’s not, the taxpayers will be bailing out all the usual suspects again as they have done for over 100 years. The British Economy Just A Keeps On Growing. There's A Song In It Somewhere A post about tax and the economy of the United Kingdom as recorded by the office of national statistics time after time.

Sponsor A Syrian Rebel And Watch Him Kick Butt 

weapons cacheThe Free Syrian Army often talk about Syrian opposition and its no secret that Paris is feeling the strain from what is happening and has brought up some old fears of the past. The United States and the Western world equally has a perception of what has been effecting the Middle East, this is a satirical light hearted look at Surface-to-air missile attacks and the recruitment process in place to overcome all the difficulties we are currently reading, watching and listening about when asked about how to fix the problems in Syria and is sponsorship really a good option, its been done before in other scenarios, so why not this one too.

Anton Goryunov is in Paris taking a look at America the Western powers that want to 'help out' and arm rebels round the world. 

Anton explores the thoughts and feelings outside of Syria and explores the variation of views out there on the topic of war and how in the past these things have troubled the world. They key thing to understand is there are no set rules and people have feelings as well you know.
map of syriaHow about launching an international charity called Adopt A Syrian Rebel? It would involve people sponsoring a member of the Free Syrian Army, say for a mere grand a month, getting his photograph on the map of Syria and receiving regular updates on his progress. Perhaps a Free Syrian Army to run a lottery  speeding up President al-Assad’s departure. Become a proud owner of an artillery piece or a heavy machine gun or a surface to air missile, with their names emblazoned on them, going to a place where they would be used to fight for democracy and freedom? #STi Spoiler (Oct 25th 2013)
You can find out more about the Free Syrian Army and try and make your own mind up about who it is called Syrian opposition and how Paris, the United States, the Western world and the Middle East will be interpreting this sort of information like Surface-to-air missiles over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Why Not Sponsor A Syrian Rebel And Watch Him Kick Butt? A cynical look at Syria, if you cannot be cynical then what is left in the world.

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  Yank Spy Angela Merkel's Darkest Secrets 

Ben Delicious reports from Berlin: Fancy that! The yanks have been spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel for years, listening to her conversations on her mobile phone and now know most of her darkest secrets. 

Calls to high premium EU chat lines have been consistently documented. The European country, is not happy and the European army is making a fuss about what is happening too. Spooks from the US National Security Agency. She even called US President Barack Obama a naughty boy. Mr Obama was forced on the defensive, denying that he ever set his eyes on the print-outs. President Obama with his Nobel Peace Prize is presiding over the biggest spying programme in US history targeted at millions of Americans and pretty much every country in the world. Imagine if the same scandal would have happened under George Bush Junior or any other Republican president. Fancy That! Yanks Spied On Angela Merkel And Know All Her Darkest Secrets (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

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Lefties Don’t Do Humour, They Do Propaganda

saturday night liveEveryday of every week "Russians come here because no questions are asked about the money - none" the more you look at it the easier it is the understand what is happening and where people are going wrong. In todays article you can read a spoiler about why lefties do not do humour they are actually doing propaganda, its all here on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Dan Majestic reports from New York: You know what they say about leftie comedians: they don’t do humour, they do propaganda, big, big difference, you know. 

Not to mention that substitute for humour ‘observational comedy’, which modern leftie funny men seem to love so much, picking subjects at random from daily life that are of no interest to anyone really. The whole mainstream comedy scene is liberal left-wing and even loony left a conservative and proud of it.’ Even the Fox channel, which is supposedly run by staunch right-wingers, peddles the most abysmal left-wing comedies.
These guys would be telling things that people now only talk about in the privacy of their homes, or when visiting watering holes with their buddies. And the first target of the right-wing funny men would be President Barack Obama. America but unfortunately, the way it is presented, it’s all about the white people hating others, mostly blacks and Hispanics. Right-wing comedians would have a go at left-wing politicians who are considered sacred by the current comedy lot.

That weasel Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary would be getting the slack a lot, and quite rightly, and Jesse Jackson. Saturday Night Live, that leftie amateurish TV and lets face its not the best political satire out there these days. Sports for many has become like a religion these days ticket prices of tickets has inflated because of this. Lefties Don't Do Humour, They Do Propaganda. Big, Big Difference, You Know (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
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