Banning US Spooks Spying On America’s Allies Hacks on the jury of a phone tapping trial

rebeka brooksBen Delicious reports from London about the phone tapping trial at the Old Bailey of journalists of the now disbanded News of the World (NoW). The Leveson inquiry into the press standards in Britain having the wrong people as witnesses. Former chief executive of News International Rebekah Brooks, who had edited the NoW for three years. Andy Coulson chief of communications for Prime Minister David Cameron, the trial is expected to last up to six months. Word is that no one of the jurors have had any experience in journalism. So are there any hacks on the jury in the phone tapping trial? Probably not.
obama spying scandalDan Majestic reports from Washington: The spying scandal caused by revelations that US spooks have been eavesdropping on America’s allies reading emails and texts sent by millions of people across the world. The local comedy crowd should have had a field day and President Barack Obama team avoid the subject, instead telling  jokes about Sarah Palin,  Dick Cheney and Ronald Reagan another actor who not around no more to defend himself from these.
According to White House in order to lower the government budget they are to shutdown any spying positions like they shut down RV roles in the nineties. Anyone who admits they had any dealings with these covert operations will be immediately disgraced, they could even lose some stars of stripes. Big Brother did well to last as long as they have and five years ago the plan of announcing financial difficulty worked to keep these sections of the government open. They have been plugging the same message and constantly uploading, re-sharing and mashing up various things to keep people interested. The fact is there is no real return on investment on these things. What else are people qualified in the areas of surveillance supposed to do, just twiddle their thumbs, press buttons has become the most lucrative way of keeping people busy. The problem is even America has found out outsourcing these things is much cheaper. Just like we see in the film 'The Butler' with Oprah Winfrey. The War on Terror has everything to do with finding out whether anyone out there is planning anything against the cabal in power in Washington and their banker friends. President Obama Is Thinking Of Banning US Spooks From Spying On America's Allies. Hilarious, That