Politicians And Lie Detectors, Weird Pop Dancing, Wall Street Doom And Gloom To Brighten Up Your Day

Wall Street Doom And Gloom To Brighten Up Your Day: Do you ever feel like you are just jumping through hoops and never actually getting anywhere?You create something really nice for wall street then present it to the world and the world just screws it up into a ball and then throws it straight into the paper basket. If this sounds like something you can relate with, a writers nightmare, right, well Dan Majestic is in New York explaining how the world economy works, soon will be back to normal again and everything will be going on as it usually does. The US President Barack Obama , Capitol Hill, Libya and Somalia and human rights departments are all taking notes of all this doom and gloom. To its definitely needed and here it is something to brighten up your day, it is about the the US National Security Agency, classics from the archives to brighten everything up a bit, check it out it is on Stirring Trouble Internationally posted earlier. Leave some comments and join in the conversation, something good is bound to happen.

Weird Pop Dancing: Adam Lovejoy writes from London: The thing about pop music ‘dancing’ sexually explicit, and pelvic thrusts . Read the usual stuff from Rolling Stones and find out solid musical foundations in the construction site be sure to bring a hard hat. Look Yes, Madonna, there is Madonna with a great sense of humour after all that happened.

Politicians And Lie Detectors: Look at that lie detectors and politicians; a great way to do Lie detection a new strategy being suggested in London. Time to take a Polygraph for the Politician who watches daytime TV. During the Financial crisis of 2007–2008 a similar thing happened. A lot of people in the government in the USA are concerned about the World economy and fears are rising that after the rest they could come back into the comfy seats. More fears from dope-heads who during time of have the fear of boredom and twiddling thumbs. Ben Delicious reports from London about the lie detector and underlines some interesting things about human rights during this current financial crisis and how the world economy has another great idea to slow down the inevitable. Read more about Politicians , the polygragh lie detector test and daytime TV.