Wondering Julian Assange Of Wikileaks At The Ecuardorian government

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Living in an Embassy these days in not a great place to be. R.F.Wilson writes about Julian Assange in London and takes another look at WikiLeaks. The embassy of Ecuador in London has if you do not know or been living in a box is a building sheltering the founder. The pressure has been on the Ecuadorian government and Julian Assange and a lot of people are wondering what is going to happen next. His experience has been very helpful though a lot of the data that Wiki-leaks attracted has not really gone anywhere. The British government are having to cater for the situation and with the the US government on shutdown its even more difficult to figure out what is going on and what goes where, the Ecuadorian government are very helpful too.

Julian Assange
Supporters of Vanity Fairs online see that Julian include people like Jemima Khan who once dated Hugh Grant and the film Notting Hill has made the area a very popular place to go visit. Its leaks like these that change things though it is often difficult to find the right place to go and visit. When you have a vast amount of information and there are so many houses being built and demolished everyday things change. You will find here in the UK The Guardian also covering these scoops, around the world you can read Wired.com taking the limelight and new sites like Reason.com overshadowing the search continues. Julian eggheads secret US diplomatic cables shared on WikiLeaks should have created more of a buzz-feed online though never got to join. It is interesting to see where all the information comes from and who is behind the scenes calling all the shots. Over the past few months there have been global reports about bugs in the building, more recently the Edward Snowden government scandal created a lot of unrest in the UK too. When do you think everything will be better with the US government and do you think places like the White House can help. A lot of the answers are already on Telnet you just have to search around and make your own unicorn, echelon judgments, hopefully something becomes of all this helpful information.