Jimmy Savile Abused Thousands Maybe Even Millions

jimmy savile

When one man comes into a corporation company that speaks to millions and manages to make such an impression for so many years, questions need to be asked. Stirring Trouble Internationally #STi takes a look at Jimmy Savile who died recently. The papers have covered the graveyard images in the wrong context. Jimmy Savile as you will find out was a manipulative man who managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the BBC. Over 500 people who were also dumb founded by the lengths of abuse Savile sunk too. So Jimmy Savile abused thousands maybe even millions through the medium of television.
R.F.Wilson reports from London about the difficulties detectives are experiencing investigating sexual abuse committed by the late BBC presenter Jimmy Savile, who now say that the scale of his crimes could be much wider than anyone thought. In the very latest twist of this remarkable saga, which may be soon adapted for the small screen by the BBC as a sitcom called The Loner, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt asked the police to investigate more allegations again Savile concerning some of the abuse he may have committed in NHS hospitals.
‘He was an institution within an institution,’ one former BBC employee said.
Experts in sexual abuse, hired by Scotland Yard to look into the Savile case, say that a one man paedophile network is something  they have never encountered in the past. Jim'll Fix It was a TV show for kids, Jim was also a DJ on Top of The Pops. At the time the only show competing broadcasting music on television was called the Old Grey Whistle Test. He was awarded a knighthood for his work in charity. So it is understandable the surprise when over 500 people come forward telling their stories of abuse. The ring news started with Stuart Hall, other claims began with the Rolf Harris and William Rouche investigations. ITV's Coronation Street soap in the news appears to be a hornets nest of offenders too. It comes as no surprise when you look at the rich and famous musician Paul Glad who was arrested a few years before Jimmy's death for child prostitution in Vietnam by Operation Yewtree. Glitter made his name on popular musical TV's like Ready Steady Go tarnishing the Glam Rock and Hair Metal trade. He also opened a snack bar in London to keep up the charade, people were forced to listen to his crap. It was only when 14 year old Miss Brown came forward and sold her story to the News of the World that everyone realised he was an abuser. At 14 according to Shari Law it is legal to marry a women, Paul had no intention of marrying her in-fact it showed he had a hard drive full of images of young girls on his computer. Gary Glitter was friends with Jimmy Savile. Yewtree never made the connection until Savile's death in 2012. More evidence is coming in about the case as the appeal continues for people to come forward and talk about their abuse with these people. The hope is to stamp out offenders in the Entertainment industry. The reality is this never should have been able to happen in the first place. If Jimmy Savile was the real ring leader how did he stay under the radar for so long? Jimmy Savile may have abused thousands, cops say. Maybe even millions. (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)