Help sorting out economy McCanns And Bankers

How Do You Dislike The McCanns And Bankers?
kate and gerry mccann What is there to like about the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann? Its a difficult situation for everyone involved including the McCanns and as you will find out a lot of pressure is spilling out the President of France. Scotland Yard in London have got involved and thanks to the Algarve charity fund David Cameron and other people get to have there say too. The Bankers have something to say about the disappearing act of Madeleine's whereabouts. In today's a strange but important comparison is made and its to do with your future too. Ben Delicious is in London doing a bit of research. In today's entry he blogs about popularity contests and asks a  on a scale from 1 to 10 how strongly do you dislike the McCanns. Just a bit of background the finances of the search have been funded by various donors from the appeal which kick started the news you read about in papers. And Scotland Yard team have been doing a bit of travelling to the Algarve too.  Its difficult to forget what happened with the McCanns because the the media in Britain has over the years built a compelling case to keep the flame alive in a hope that one day she will be returned to the previous owners her in the UK. Its a simple question about Europe, and the money being used there. Do we vote for McCanns search or the search to find a solution to the banking crisis flooding our shores. The European influence is as serious as it sounds and all though you might not have noticed it, Europes plans have already made big changes in the way we go out our daily lives.

gay marriage franceOutsiders would think it only natural to accept location wise the UK is part of Europe, but the reality is we have remained reliant, outside of the European commission. Ireland joined and there currency because of it has taken a turn for the worst. Both cases are difficult contenders to compete in that some would say they are both lost causes that is eating into the expenditures of the United Kingdom. In the news this week we see more updates about the two examples I want you to take the consensus poll so we can start the voting. People seem to be getting bogged down by similar things and more and more people in and around Europe are getting there say. And gay marriage is another discussion being added to the mix. A lot of people have concerns about the British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President and the Bankers all getting together in a room to talk about until resolved on what to do. Its a tricky call  to make hence the polls. How do the McCanns get away with It? No, Honestly, How Do They Do It? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com) Algarve, Bankers, David Cameron, Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, London, McCann, President of France, Scotland Yard

Asking The Mob - Help sorting out economy
east end thugs  R.F.Wilson reports from the East End of London: Here’s something that no mainstream economist would ever dare suggest: why not ask the criminal underworld to help sort out the British economy? The mob has taken a hit with the news about the weather and the fuel. The economy has turned on its head. They definitions have moved into incomprehensible proportions and the dishing out of jobs to do is changing too. The data to support these new pockets of information. Let’s get the godfathers introducing some sanity into economics for a change and a bit of roughing up as well. Some people might object to this as morally wrong. Many people have been objecting to the mob culture and the methods have changed. The films capture the old methods as the mob moves into new ways of profiting around the world. The political mob have been making a storm in a cup with Chancellor George Osborne and PM David Cameron are toting up the figures in 10 Downing Street, counting the notes, distributing and swapping brown satchels with next weeks notes.

london cityThese compositions are secretly practiced in halls and churches around the city. Rehearsals start soon to counterbalance the scales. The Big Jake provides a platform for the Chancellor to meet and celebrate with George, and other people. The Thames is a great place to fish for eels and all kinds of old furniture. Years ago the culture was different, you had Queen Elizabeth I, knew all this stuff and got involved in all sorts of deals with pirates which freed up payments and gave enough dough to build the British Empire. So it’s not like George and the gang would be doing anything out of the ordinary.  How about asking the mob to help sort out the British economy? 10 Downing Street, Big Jake, British Empire, David Cameron, East End of London, Economy of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth I of England, George Osborne