Britain, IMF Stats, Press Freedom, Hollywood, Dope, Booze And Other Stuff

The alliance with the Press this year has created a lot of changes. The economy has also gone through a lot of expected changes thanks to the IMF and you expect even more changes over the next twelve years.  Adam Lovejoy is in London writing about these things and other stuff. george osborneabout the IMF who as you will find out did try and help the Eurozone debt crisis and has twelve years to sort out the debt.
obama congress shutdownWashington has been a leader in explaining what is happening with the US government. The lockdown of the Barack Obama government has meant that the US  and people like Secretary of State John Kerry have had to take turns speaking for example John will be speaking at the ASEAN summit. Barack is the ideal candidate on these matters because he is the one who had a Peace Nobel Prize handed out recently. John Kerry is doing his best whilst the rest of the US government sit at home wondering when they can go back to work.
greenpeaceAnd on the other side of the pond the Greenpeace Russia have made the news in the middle of the Barents Sea of all places. President Vladimir Putin has highlighted what has happened and it is hoped that Russia will show compassion to the activist company and the mixup they have found themselves in. The whole world is watching, waiting to find out more about this years Winter Olympics, so this may well happen.
malalaThe Pakistani girl Malala made the news this week again as her much awaited book draws closer to being published. Her compelling educational story of challenging the Taliban has sparked a lot of interest in the mainstream news and like President Obama she maybe the next  Peace Nobel Prize winner.
Hollywood - How come so much filth?Hollywood has been churning out video's for film and musicians since for years, they dominated the world in the eighties during the MTV boom. Before this the influence on the films as you will find out was less orientated on giving people what they have been conditioned to want rather than what the powers that be seen they would need. Dan Majestic writes from Los Angeles writes his anti thesis about Hollywood and takes a look at the big screen. Last night on television was an old man with a shot gun a Tarantino film. Dan writes about  Pulp Fiction ,Quentin Tarantino. and how films start with something controversial like Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts on the subject of prostitutes that now are becoming horror films. The point he makes is that these films are very controversial, often its not worth watching. Jango is another popular film taking a western narrative and making it into a popular horror story, the point seems to be as a family is this the kind of film you would watch with you family before the watershed.