Adultery Is Big Business And Get A Red Poppy For Free

adultery coupleDan Majestic writes from New York about Adultery has become big business these days. The films in Hollywood as you will find out underline all sorts of things about marriage. The films show marriage in a particular light which is not the most appropriate. Find out why this is good for the hotel industry and why other businesses are sprouting up. You might have noticed the change in the advertising industry retargeting people in new ways, where they get their information from is anyones guess. The same thing is happening with TV ads find out why over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. In case you don't know this, adultery is big business these days.
conservatives poppiesCan you afford to buy a poppy this year on November the 11th? R.F.Wilson reports from London: Prime Minister David Cameron has issued a secret memo to all ministers, Tory MPs and local party association chairmen to wear a paper poppy at all times and not use the ones from last year and before or put the quid used to buy them on their expenses. As Remembrance Day approaches, the memo makes perfectly clear that all members of the Conservative party should not accept free poppies from strangers, who might turn out to be undercover reporters sent out to trap them, or attempt to grab a poppy from the box without donating any money.

poppies  This year the Tories are also instructed to wear a poppy even outside work hours, to be seen as in touch with the nation’s heritage and not just a party that steamrolled gay marriage through parliament and is hoping that this alone would win them elections. With the general election only 18 months away, the remnants of the Tory party. PM Cameron in his secret memo that it’s the small things like being seen donating money when taking a poppy that make a big impression on the electorate. Secret memo to all Tories: don't try to get a red poppy for free this year (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)