NATO China Bound To Have A Go And Arabs Thank God It’s Assad

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NATO And China Bound To Have A Go

One of the top five employers in the world is of course the Chinese army, China is very instrumental of distributing all sorts of goods to Ebay that get sold on high streets and pavements around the world. Anton Goryunov reports from Beijing about the distribution of DvD's dVd's. NATO and China are indoors talking often about world peace, its difficult to see who has all the power. If there was an arm wrestle who do you think would win?

NATO is a league of gentlemen and women in Western Europe. Over the years they have looked at things like Russia, Europe and now Syria. NATO and China have strong relationships. They both have all types of things in the bag.

The Afghanistan troubles like Syria we see today have created allsorts of spinoffs. There has been a lot of people trying to find homes, ways of making money and feed their families, its a very difficult situation to fully understand. But I am confident where there is a will there is a way.

There are many films online from the the US with drones in them flying in the sky, over places like the Nevada dessert and people on the ground are managing to share all sorts of things. Its only a matter of time until more people have a go, although they are not as popular as they used to be because of the Internet.

china troopsIn Europe there is still a small demand for Western governments who have the ability and the budget to explain the economics of war. They also have the kitty of the back this up every week which should see them through, if not they can speak to the people and ask them for more to pay for all this sort of stuff.

  Its a similar thing with the Chinese communist however they have a much tighter budget.

They play hard and work even harder, they have the art of surprise and factories and starting up all the time. The soldiers working do all kinds of things. The Chinese love there White Paper, calligraphy is very popular too.  What does not clearly make sense is how defense works. How do they put all these people to work, together and still be able to afford to turn on the electricity and gas. That is the great thing about drawing. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen or a paint brush. Letters are a great way to start. If you want to draw animals there are some great tips of drawing cats and dogs and birds from shapes. You can also draw great musical notes, they make interesting tattoo's. Tattoo's are very popular in China too. You can see the influence and how it is coming into Europe and the rest of the world. From being made in Taiwan to being distributed quickly to Taipei China is leading the way, NATO has learned so much from each other and the the People’s Liberation Army is a formidable force in the world of warcraft. NATO and China are bound to have a go at each other at some share point.

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Arab League Despots Think Thank God It’s Assad

arab leagueNATO is that mastermind meeting that many countries were clawing to attend. The Arab League managed to get a seat at the last minute. The camels of Europe were surprised recently at the empty seats which made the meetup less efficient. The Arabs were very grateful and lucky to get a place on the European ride, be reminded this is no camel race. R.F. Wilson reports from Cairo about the recent civil war in Syria and Western powers debating and exploring the news about Syrian chemical weapons being destroyed. The Arab League although unable to attend the meetings, must still be well pleased with President al Assad's situation. Saudi Arabia apologises for not being able to attend the meetings and I am sure hopes the best for Europe in its decisions about Syria.. A few years ago in a country not far away from Syria another dictator was singled out and eventually killed by his own people, that man was Colonel Gaddafi and he ruled over Libya.

saudi royal family The Libyan people by Gaddafi, who was no worse than most of them, of course, but failed to understand that denying oil contracts to Western companies was the wrong thing too do. President Bashar al-Assad has been accused of denying Syria basic freedoms and is now in talks with helping NATO fix the chemical weapons thing. It is easy to imagine how strongly the rulers in Saudi Arabia feel about the troubles in Syria like the Arab Spring has the Arab League, Syria has Al Assad and now the rest of the world to help out. And this has been an unusual but effective example that should stamp out the use of chemicals for good. Most Arab League despots are probably thinking: thank God it's Assad and not us