Talking About Sex, God And Money

If You Were God Would You Give A Lot Of Money To Good People? I Doubt It Very Much
A lot of people believe God has a wonderful wealth to share with the world. In the bible this week a sermon in London read a passage which translated as the transformations of Obscenity. Reading the Bible is a great way of a religion and spirituality uniting under the name of Christianity. Today's post is about Money management. Adam Lovejoy writes from London: Let me ask you this: if you were God, what sort of people would You as Almighty give substantial wealth to? And we’re talking mega bucks here, obscene sort of wealth. 
If You Were God Who Would You Give A Lot Of Money To? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

Ben Delicious writes from Amsterdam, Talking about sex for people like Buddhist monks, pensioners and the rise in population of the porn film. A satirical post about education and the things that are often better left said. In todays satirical post there are references about Tony Blair and go into long detail about people who enjoy talking dirty but do not necessarily live up to the words they speak. If you are a pensioner and looking for some escape from the doom and gloom of Christmas weather there is an interesting section for you to bring a smile about Dame Helen Mirren. If you have any concerns about old people and neighbours with a  Zimmer then you will also be able to enjoy reading about sex life, just something to warm those cockles this time of year. Stay warm. What's All This Obsession With Talking About Sex? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)