Social Media, Celebs Hacks And Politicians - World Economy And The Messy War Cards

Social Medianuclear explosioni)*The way we look at the world is so different and distracting* that in order to explain what is going on you really need to get the worlds attention. Depending on how good you are at getting peoples attention will determine if they even find what ever it is you are trying to say. Adam Lovejoy reports from Paris sharing interesting ways of approaching political analysis. The way things are shaping up in Europe and across the pond at the moment. He takes a look at how America is explaining things. He also reports about Syrian rebels and the broad spectrum of things being formed between United Nations and Bashar al-Assad. The Middle East is a very popular subject and the Taliban is again another popular subject people like to write about. The thing is there has already been a lot of things said about the great big war, so what could possibly be on the cards, that you have not already read. Well like any game practise makes perfect. The easiest way to end with war cards is loose of win. The quicker this happens the less it drags out. Another thing about war as you can see in the image (courtesy of Stirring Trouble Internationally) is that war is a great way of clearing debts. Countries have been levelling the playing field for years. Adam manages to separate from fiction and draw you into that world of knowing just what exactly is going on. Check out the main website or simply add us on Facebook or Google+ to keep up to date with news.

ii*The online world is taking it all in its own pace*, everybody are racing to work how it all works. The providers are always changing and the companies are calling people to shift them out of one way of doing something and get them into doing something else. And the small print has it all clearly explained. Ted Obvious is in London talking again about Social Media, politicians and media hacks. The public are often the mugs and the social networks are a great way of singling people out. The politcians are always trying to warn people about this sort of thing in newspapers. The great thing is TV news and mainstream media make even more Celebs out of people, so in effect anyone can challenge these things that are happening. Just be sure to sort it out within seven days.