Clowns Running Britain, Comedians Have A Ball

Adam Lovejoy reports London over on Stirring Trouble Internationally about clowns and comedians. Todays clown entry is about the libor scam. Its a comical post about David Cameron and Nick Clegg duo and the one shop pony Chancellor George Osborne. Read more about the Lib Dems  ball and Michael Gove and Vince Cable two British reps of business. If you have been following the blog you know what to expect and todays post is no different. For example yes this post includes blurbs about Tony Blair to as well as other British political  humorous news. Other posts on the subject include Comedy Rodeo Clowns,With The Clowns Running Britain You’d Think Comedians Would Have A Ball, British Having A Laugh At Italian Politicians. As If The UK Is Any Better, Lip-Syncing In Music – It Does Tend To Land Some Pop Stars In Trouble, Comedians In Britain Having A Go At Bankers And Politicians Prince Harry Is Going To Afghanistan. A Palace Insider Says He’s Ready To Kick Ass, Prince Harry Is Going To Afghanistan. Of La-La Land Economics And Silly Stats And Credit Ratings, A New Phenomenon In Austerity Britain, Browsing At Supermarkets. A New Phenomenon In Austerity Britain.