20th November - Stirring Trouble Internationally

francois hollandeBen Delicious is in Paris  after this European news about French police search for an armed and dangerous man who shot a photographer at the Societe Generale bank. The media are puzzled  as to why this guy would have a go at a media outlet and a bank. banks could not have caused a drop in the French economy,  politicians and the media have absolutely no idea what’s going on. The French government have responded by allocating more police cops outside  banks and newspapers. The governments could be looking for any information about what to do ideally from money men and politicians who know what they are doing and have a proven track record. The French President wants a report that will clarify the circumstances of these acts. Why Would Anyone Have A Grudge Against Banks And Newspapers?

cameron downing streetR.F. Wilson is in Lisbon talking about how the excitement of finding Madeleine McCann seems to be evaporating already. In todays article read all about how cops from Scotland Yard 6 yrs later are still struggling to find out what happened to Madeleine McCann. British detectives opened a broad line of inquiry making more suspects many of the images were completely different which added to the drama. Lots of excited people thought police investigations would reveal what happened in Praia da Luz in Algarve. A few months ago the excitement rose around Roma's in Greece they thought that Madeleine was one of them but it turned out to be someone else.PM David Cameron, who had ordered this pointless inquiry, is at 10 Downing Street the search will go on. Great plot for a Kafkaesque novel.

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