Paul Flowers Banking Modesty Right-Wing Machismo

david cameron and tony blairAdam Lovejoy is in London talking about the British banking system, the Co-Operative Bank, the Methodist Paul Flowers taking drugs and all the seasonal drunken office parties. The news has created a large conversation of young people about the Labour party. The working people have also been on radio this week talking about payday loan companies and what David Cameron said in reaction to the banking news. Find out everything you need to know over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Paul flowers: a rare exception in the world of banking where modesty reigns

paul flowers LondonAre they really practising right wing machismo? Ben Delicious is in London and has wrote this really funny entry about tabloid today and the reported confusion between what David Cameron said about green energy. Its a great post about Tory, liberal loons and what has been labelled green taxes. Find out more about the latest news on overseas aid and some interesting blurbs about Chancellor George Osborne. PM Cameron has been saying some out of the blue things and UK politics in relation to Afghanistan has created a lot of content for comedians to talk about. Read all about the Taliban, NATO and Tony Blair on Iraq over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

 Dave Revealed Practising Right-Wing Machismo. What Could It Mean?

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