Parading Stupidity In News Reporting

dressing sillyAdam Lovejoy in London is scribbling about ways that all around the world people are going out of their homes with an intention of parading what can only be seen as stupidity. They can dress silly, for starters, really, really silly and look with things like jeans pulled down to show off that butt crack high on the list.
ukraine feminism
Tattoos another great way ways to parade stupidity, using grey matter or an intergluteal cleft as an excuse is starting to wear thin. The brain has a mind of its own, so why tattoo in homage to a celebrity or follow suit in someone else's fashion statements. If you are feeling a little low on ink or too drunk to decide yourself phone a friend and see what they think.

The chances are they will have an opinion, offer advice, you can take it or leave it, the chances are if you resonate on similar frequencies you will hear the answer you need. However everyones experience will always be different. If you have already made a stupid decision its up to you make the most of it, right?

Then of course there is good old political correctness is simply a way of not having an opinion, simply following the crowd, never actually stepping on any toes. Finally the satanist at a Halloween fancy dress party in casual wear making all kinds of silly excuses for not really making much of an effort.

A great guide of 'How To Be An Idiot' is outlined in today's entry over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Adam manages to highlight the parts you might be missing that in all honesty and someone has to say it because you will only regret it down the line if you miss todays crucial point, you have to have a voice, but first you have to do a bit of prep work, namely research. 

Here is the link in full I think this might help, you'll laugh when you see how silly it can all be. About some of the ways for people to parade their stupidity

It's easy to overlook the biggest story of the day, the traditional one shop fits all days have gone. People are looking all over the place, reading similar stories, each with its own unique angle. The broadsheet news is adapting to digital preferences and the blogs and websites online have all kinds of news coming from both generating contextual similarities that are difficult to track. 

With all that said Ben Delicious writes from London about TV news , 24-hour news channels, breaking news and the way news travels and gets lost in translation.

 Read all about a satirical new charity namely 'Get A Life People', for wannabe journalists who have trouble citing sources, propping up, introducing and objectively reporting on exactly what it is they should be talking about.

When you see people asking about sources it makes sense that these channels and news worth sharing with where it all comes from. These news websites are doing well on Social Media networks though the people using and reading in various ways can also seem like an understanding of a subject looses objectivity and makes a serious scoop seem more like a textual mental disorder. Not all news is part of the negativity and voids and slant of truth. News about current events as they happen will always be stronger the closer to the locations from where all this comes from. Changes in news reporting urged to help people who develop addiction to news.

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