Disasters, Philippines And TV Repeat Views

R.F.Wilson reports from London: Let me tell you something about television – it sucks. All of it, including the ads. There’s nothing even remotely entertaining or amusing to watch on the box these days. It’s crap, across the board, whether it’s drama, sit-coms, comedy is actually worst of them all and then there are documentaries, singing competitions and reality shows. Even TV ads have become so dumb that they manage to say practically nothing about the goods or services they supposedly plug. dumbing down the content on the box is a form of censorship. Anyway, if you watch the box religiously and comedy series dozens of times then you know most of the lines by heart. The BBC show constant repeats and there is a danger that people could turn into vegetables. Singing and dancing competitions keep viewers glued to the box your better off watching paint dry.
un headquartersAnton Goryunov is in Manila talking about natural disasters like Typhoons and natural disasters. Before the Philippines we had that earthquake in Haiti and also on in the Indian Ocean six years ago which created a tsunamis, all of them shown as the happened on television. Today's post is about the money international agencies and charities gathered successfully only to be spent on the United Nations and the International Red Cross. In Haiti there are still lots of people living in tents after the disaster that happened there all those years ago billions of dollars were raised by celebrities and musicians . Much of the revenue was spent on UN staff and aid agencies and other sectors. Disasters are big business for a lot of people outside of the areas of concern. And now the typhoon Hiayan hitting the Philippines and destroying whole towns and villages.

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