Social Media Is On Its Way Out

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Some say social media is on its way out and making it less of a priority to share posts, moving back into forums to get a conversation going and emailing to friends and family. Ted Obvious is in London looking deeper into Social Media and the promises it gave and have not really delivered much. Read how the social media scene is littered with left-wingers influencing IPOs stats and causing a bit of scene in the process. The social media conversation came about during the the US Big Brother news. Everyone was told the obvious and this drew more attention to the US government who willingly shared again how the Internet was an experiment set up to monitor what the whole world was doing these days.  Everyone wants to be online like President Obama sending out his first tweet to the liberal world of sites like Twitter, without any real consideration of how that kind of behaviour influences other people, influences the markets and repeat American Soviet propaganda from back in the days of the cold war when nothing happened, it was just a way of keeping people in fear so they would serve the country better, be more alert instead of head in the clouds overloaded by all the overwhelming duties and filling the mind with things during free time feed up by refrigerators the effects of the television and the rise of the radio. Social media is on its way out and the greedy lot who run it hurry to cash in on it.

Social Media Is On Its Way Out

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