David Cameron And The International Community Saving Innocent Civilians In Britain

Adam Lovejoy reports from Westminster about Prime Minister David Cameron of the Conservative party and the popularity polls between himself and Ed Miliband. This is a satirical post about David Cameron as leader of the Labour Party as well as Conservative and as we already know liberals too. Some might see this as PM Cameron hedging his bets, others would see this more as a complete takeover cover all bases. Any decisions to become leader of the Labour party would have to be a secret mandate, rather than something public. For a Cameron victory over Miliband the panel listen to what Miliband says then they can either agree or disagree. Tony Blair an earlier leader of labour used a similar way of agreeing with the free market economy as a good thing after listening to what the opposition brought forward and quickly made immediate changes to adjust to what seems to be correct. 10 Downing Street without a proper mandate, having failed to win a working majority in parliament before striking a dodgy deal with the Liberal Democrats. Gordon Brown like many others before and after him do similar things. For example announcing rise in economics, strange out of the blue opinion polls and reasons to be confident in one area as they focus on something completely different. The free market economy is very important to small businesses because it gives them opportunities to try and be distributors and contribute to the global economy. This goes against the grain of socialism and labour values, which by all measures has been an internal system which is easy to document and kept paperwork down to a minimum. Could David Cameron become leader of the Labour party? Yep, easily

The problems seems to be that fuel prices are going up, whilst weather conditions are becoming more diverse, lots of families are struggling to make ends meet and the consequences of the changes means more and more aid is in need. Ted Obvious from Paris reports. This is an informative post explaining the variables that need to be addressed in 2013 and a suggestive structure to solve and troubleshoot the problems existing these days. Ted suggests something like a body called 'the international community' which can help Britain guardian human aides who can help communicate with companies in UK and explain the prices within the country and also regulate the aid that goes outside of the UK. This is a satirical suggestion to the United Nations and provides a solution for the rest of the world to help out the UK during times of need. Help the Aged such as as pensioners feeling the cold, struggling to stay warm get out and socialize over nice warm cups of tea. A body that can juggle the changes as they happen, for example the Philippines , like areas in Africa requiring humanitarian aid, delegating who is able and ready to do what. Making sure that the problems at home continue as well as adapting to the other things that need to be addressed. Understanding the requirements and obligations required of EU Union as well as meeting the needs of constituents who represent local areas. Regulating and maintaining prices at a rural and urban level of companies like EDF who provide energy from outside of the UK. Price checkups and mediations between what Chancellor George Osborne is announcing of new ways of saving cash. The complications seem to be mixing all these things to justify and understand exactly what to do and how best to do it. On a global scale with all the news coming in about climate change the International Community will have to understand all these variables and be in touch with the people who matter and also make them understand the sacrifices and future demands as complications arise. The last thing people want is people freezing to death, so with that said its one solution and I invite you to share your solutions with Adam over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

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