Stirring Trouble Internationally November Six And Seventh 2013

Adam Lovejoy reports from London about payday loan companies, parents who are pestered by children to get a loan in minutes’ and the comparisons with money laundering being made online. Wonga crowd showed up in the House of Commons, to be grilled by MPs it all turned out nicely for the lenders in the end. People might supposedly turn to illegal loan sharks and end up in trouble. George Osborne The Chancellor overlooks licensed loan sharks in Britain and has a history of being sponsored by Wonga at a Lib Dem bash a couple of years ago. Soon to come is a satirical TV channel coming out called Greedy B*****ds. Have you heard any good jokes about payday Loan companies? I Bet You have.

Ben Delicious reports from London Eat your heart out, Chinese and North Korean communists and all sorts of other dictators. According to two surveys Britain now has a booming economy. The UK is bursting with satisfaction. Financial data provider Markit Group, based in London, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, based in Paris. In Soviet Union there was a saying that the Soviet people had developed a sixth sense. Merkit or the OECD come up with such rubbish. In France politicians talk about things getting better in Greece, Spain and Ireland. http://www.stirringtroubleinternationally.com/2013/11/08/in-case-you-didnt-know-britain-is-booming-and-its-people-are-feeling-happy/

Ted Obvious is in Rome talking about the fact that some mobile phone conversations are meaningless. Listen over his shoulder as he explains like many others what he is saying to the person he is speaking with on the phone. Listen in and join in the mobile phone conversations that the whole world wants of thinks you should know about. Overhear what the US National Security Agency has to do with public transport, public places idiotic post offices telephone exchanges and everyone complaining about their mobile phone conversations that are meaningless.

Ben Delicious writes from Paris about Miley Cyrus and the new dance thats rocking the free world twerking is said to be MTV awards equivalent of women’s lib , where women go out dancing in mini-skirts and other skirts. It's nothing new and according to the usual suspects its been around since Sodom and Gomorrah.Today's post is about Twerking and Couture Fashion.

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