Shopping Urges And Buying Junk

Ben Delicious writes from Paris about shopping urges and buying junk, that is the things on offer positioned in certain places to get your attention and make you buy even though you might not really want anything of the sort. Find out about junk food which is tempting you on the high street when doing your usual groceries or shopping in department stores. The shopping urges to by cheap Chinese made junk, that looks sometimes better than the real thing but generally brakes down or has some restriction on it so it does not work as well as what it would if it was still in China where it was designed originally. A prime example of this is the iPad or the Android tablet accessing the Internet is cleverly restricted by the games they make compulsory on the computer. These games have all sorts of strange codes which render the device useless here in Britain yet are sold from addresses here in the UK of other people who have fallen for the same thing and cannot wait to get rid of it. Have you ever bought designer jeans in the hope they will last for years and justify paying of the odds in this way. Only to find out they are just the same as any other pair of jeans. They do not fit, make you look square shaped or the moment you put them in the wash they change colour. Even worse at the ends they begin to frey the moment you go out the door, or the zipper keeps falling down. People say horrible things like you are flying low, have you or anyone you know ever experienced such a thing? Well the chances are you are being misled. You are caught up in the same marketing campaigns, being used for years. Uniforms and Nazi propaganda was very popular in Germany before the German Empire began and the methods shaped to keep everyone buying and selling the same stuff is celebrated in certain quarters around the world. Now with the mobile phone shopping wars similar tactics are being reintroduced, this really interrupts peoples buying commitments,  because they can smell whats going of immediately. Every sales script and shopping list is wearing thin, being lost or falling down the side of the dodgy pockets available these days which are now infiltrating department stores so look out for more of this over the next few weeks which is putting a daily pressure on shopkeepers on the high street. The pressures are effecting the workers which is making an impression on people who walk into the store ready to buy put of by all the hassle and confusion. Of shopping urges. And buying up junk that no one needs.

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