North Korean New Rich Are Idiots

north korean jump at the chanceIvan Invanov reports from Pyongyang North Korea talking about the United States, South Korea and Japan problems that have been popping up this week.TV in North Koreans is very unusual compared to mainstream western tv from Uncle Sam. Kim Jong Un a patriache  for the imperial Empire.Back in the days in Russia Joseph Stalin found entertainment through drinking alcohol and entertaining everyone with his dancing. The late Fidel Castro did a similar thing and according to Ivan they would both jump at the chance for a drink. North Korean's would probably jump at the chance of getting more viewers or their entertainment channels. Charles Darwin would have been shocked at what is happening in North Korea.  Ivan talks about the type of cigarettes available and the banning of alcohol in the area. If you lived in North Korea wouldn't you jump at the chance to take part in some crazy stuff?

new money modern artAdam Lovejoy writes from Monte Carlo about the new rich and how they keep a low profile during hard times. Today's post takes a look at interior design, gold-plated door handles and toilet seats which many new rich are turning too. Find out more about modern art and recycled rubbish artwork. Mediocrity, you see, is very well organised and it’s very tribal. Mediocrities are united, rushing to support each other immediately. Today's article discloses some more information about film directors, TV hosts and the new rich. Let's assume that most of the new rich are idiots.

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