Something’s Not Right About Those Accusations Of Rape Against Julian Assange

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Rapedilema-300x169Thomas Mathew legal expert has examined the Julian Assange case and decided something is not right when a woman is seen with a man two's days later after an alleged assault. He is right this does seem a bit strange.

Thomas takes time out of his busy day to underline some key features you ought to know about. He also highlights the behaviour of Julian Assange and reveals the real facts that jeopardise relationships here in the UK in relation to this case.

There are always politicians supporting decisions behind the scenes and Thomas reveals a couple of these people who are enforcing what they think needs to be done in support of Switzerland made and the genuine fear about how relationships could be affected if this is not sorted out soon.

The general threat of Julian Assange at the embassy since his new haircut has depleted since Ecuador spoke up for the man. Thomas picks up the pieces more and explains why he thinks Julian Assange is no big deal or real threat to the world. Find out these things and other things over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Looking at the rape accusations against Julian Assange and concluding that something is not right about them.

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