Prince Harry’s Latest Adventures Prove One Thing: Hellraising Sure Ain’t What It Used To Be

Hellraising in Las Vegas Prince Harry mobile photo
Hellraising in Las Vegas
Ben Delicious makes his mark again with this satirical rant about hellraising in Las Vegas. He takes a look at the recent leaked photographs on Facebook of Harry and his team of party animals. Ben looks at the whole party thing and completely blows it into tiny pieces. Be careful though some of the language he uses is a bit choice.
In the same vein he is explaining the whole Hellraising thing as he see's fit. He also takes a look at the nature of the party animal and shares his views on the whole scenario. He examines the state of the pool at the swimming party and goes into detail about his own experience of night-life disco's and heavy drinking mentality. Ben manages to single out a lot of people from the party atmosphere who either are or think they are hellraisers. In a way its quite funny and supportive of the whole royal family party scene. Check it out keep up to date with what is going on by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally.
Hellraising is sure not what it used to be. As Prince Harry's latest adventure shows.


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