With The Age Of The Music Collection Almost At An End, Now Even The Download Has A Competitor.

Freddie Mathews takes a look at his album collection and tells us all about his first record. The nostalgia for vinyl is still highly sort after around these parts and Freddie reflects on his memories of youth in conjunction with handling his records. Freddie is also a big fan of CD's and like most of us is catching up with the new ways music is presented. As you know we have moved from vinyl dj's entertaining people to CD mixing of music. CD's are just one way he mentions that music downloaded is burned onto CD's. The great thing is Freddie has now noticed online streaming, I think Freddie might be on Facebook. Have a read and find out for yourself you will be surprised by the music he used to listen too. More importantly you will be informed about the options available to consume your music, then be able to make up your own mind if this is something you want to take action with (if not already).
Music collection used to be fun until downloads took over. Now streaming is set to push that into the past.


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